Myth : Radiation from microwaves alters the food quality

POSTED BY admin | Feb, 05, 2019 |

Fact : “Radiation” does sound like a major health hazard. Just like in radio or energy waves from visual lights, in a microwave too, the energy travels in waves and spreads out as it goes. A lot of comparison is made with X-rays and gamma rays which do pose health concerns. But the ‘microwaves’ in a microwave used to cook foods are many, many times weaker than X-rays and gamma rays. Microwave radiation is a form of non-ionizing radiation which means it cannot directly break up atoms or molecules or damage DNA of living foods. Microwave ovens are safe when used as directed. Microwaving in any plastic cookware or a low quality bakeware may leach compounds into food, so take care to use only microwave-safe containers.


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